Hi, I'm Renee – your personal health assistant

Managing your healthcare is hard, so I do it for you.

I handle your most common healthcare tasks, including

Scheduling your doctor appointments

Making sure you get and take your medications

Tracking your vitals and progress

Coordinating all your care

And so much more…

My caring concierges are never more than a click away

An expert understands you and creates your personal care plan – that is delightfully easy to use.

By completing routine health tasks for everyday Americans, I help health plans, systems and providers

What people are saying about Renee

Hi, I'm Renee – a real person.

Over the last few years, I have been the healthcare assistant to an aging loved one. Even though I am a doctor, it was incredibly difficult for me to manage the dozens of routine healthcare tasks that came up each week.

So, I decided to change that and make everyday healthcare tasks easier for all of us - aging Americans and caregivers alike - by creating:

Renee – your personal health assistant.

Renee is proudly supported by seed capital from

Renee in the news

How a Digital Health Assistant Improves Outcomes and Reduces Member Churn

For aging Americans, healthcare is just plain hard. Siloed providers, fragmented care, disconnected data and buried benefits are just a few of the complexities a typical polychronic patient struggles to navigate everyday.

Co-founder & CEO Nick Desai Talks Renee at Medicarians

Renee Co-founder & CEO Nick Desai stopped by Medicarians to talk about the app, the future of health management for aging Americans, and its impact on the healthcare industry.

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