Hi! I’m Renee - a patient-centric personal health assistant. I help leading health plans and payers accomplish their most important goals. How can I help you?

For your members, I am a delightful assistant that handles their most common healthcare tasks, like…

70% of polychronic patients lack a coordinated care plan

61% of aging adults - and 92% of their overwhelmed caregivers - will use a digital health assistant

68% of healthcare executives want digital coordination and care journey tools

Healthcare is hard...

I make it easy.

Healthcare exists in silos...humans don't.

I delight patients with horizontal, whole person coordinated care…

…curated from your ecosystem of best of breed offerings…

…in one easy, intuitive digital experience.

I’m proven to delight you and your members.

In a 90-day pilot, I...

  • Engaged 94% of users 5.4X/week 

  • Lowered systolic blood pressure in hypertensive patients 25.2 mmHg 

  • Activated 1.8 new digital health benefits per patient. 

  • Increased patient satisfaction

    • …w/ their existing PCP…by 191%
    • …w/ their insurance plan…by 81%
  • Earned a Netpromoter score of +94

I deliver whole person closed loop care w/ an open ecosystem of partners…

…in one seamless, unified and delightful user experience.

For leading health plans like you, I accomplish your top goals

More from members

“Renee has been so wonderful. My care concierge is kind and makes me feel cared for. Renee holds me accountable to actually measure my vitals. Whenever I talk to my doctors, I feel more educated and knowledgeable about my health. Renee has allowed me to take back control of my life.”


“I feel more secure in my home and I don’t feel stressed anymore. I feel more comfortable going out. I feel that Renee looks out for me and my health problems. I’m happy with my health and overall I feel better than I have ever felt! Many kudos to you.”


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